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CHICHINETTE – Goes to Cinema in Hungary!

Chichinette: Véletlenül kém lettem, is the title of the film in Hungarian, where it can be seen in cinemas as of December 26th 2019, after it was bought by the well-known arthouse distributor Cirko.

Director: Nicola Alice Hens

2019, 86 min., Fr/En w. Subtitles

Critics fall in love with the film in Hungary :

"An incredible story of a fantastic woman."

"this film is truly captivatingly exciting due to the character it presents and it becomes truly memorable. Even at ther age, Marthe Cohn possesses enviable intellectual freshness and vigor. When answering a reporter's questions over the phone in her Los Angeles home, she thinks while looking at the camera after the call, saying that she has too much to tell for a short ten minutes interview. She has a great sense of humor and is very responsive in her answers and often has a really funny reaction to others."

Levente Istók, 29.12.2019

"In the movie directed by Nicola Alice Hens, we can now see the amazing power of this little woman walking around the world with her husband for almost 100 years and telling about the experiences she has had. The wonderful thing about it is that we do not see a broken man on the screen, but an elderly woman who is full of life and humorous in her painful memories and whose eyes are certainly not dry."

"One of the finest moments of the documentary is when she and her husband walk hand in hand on the streets and stop on a bridge to observe. Marthe is so tiny that while her husband looks into the distance above the railing, she's pointing through the gaps and just talking and talking. Major L. Cohn listens with the same sincerity he has listened many times over the past decades. The talks come and go, the years pass, but the vigorous winding of the river below them stays with them forever."

Péter Juhász, 27.12.2019

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