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The Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg (JFBB)

Geva joins the Berlin-Brandenburg Jewish Film Festival (JFBB) Programming committee

On the history and present of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg

The Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg was founded in 1995 by Nicola Galliner, at that time as part of the culture activities of the Jewish Community Berlin. Since then it has continued to develop, soon becoming independent and expanding its festival area to include the whole of Berlin and Potsdam. Today it is the largest Jewish film festival in Germany.

The new program collective (2021) is responsible for the film program selection and special projects. The festival wants to continue to display a whole diversity of Jewish life and everyday life and to use the entire spectrum of good entertainment for this purpose. The wide range of stories and characters portrayed enables the audience to perceive Judaism in a completely different way than usual - detached from current daily news, thoughtful, often with a wink, between profound reflection and discursive depth. In this way, it offers the audience a variety of points of contact, Jewish identities come to the big screen in all their liveliness, topicality and constant change. At the same time, it remains the festival's task to keep the memory of the Shoa alive and to resolutely counter anti-Semitic attitudes in all their overt and subtle patterns of thought.

The collective is helmed by artistic director BERND BUDER, and includes Jewish Film academic and researcher LEA WOHL VON HASELBERG, Filmmaker and writer ARKADIJ KHAET, Producer NAOMI LEVARI and AMOS GEVA.

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